A Critical Evaluation of preferred Delay Analysis Method used in Extension of Time claims - Case Law

For every Forensic Planner / delay analyst out there, a mind boggling question remains regarding which methodology to use during interim claim submissions or Final Claim submissions with Client / Tribunals / Expert reports. Overwhelmingly, there are instances when Delay analyst blindly chooses one method where he/she/they might feel stronger than any other methods, ignoring the fact that there could be more suitable method out there but can be ignored due to the lack of knowledge of its actual implementation. I suggest to refer AACE Recommended practice 29R-03 to arrive at suitable delay analysis method. In my quest to hunt down a most preferred delay analysis method with continuous research and increasing interest to dissect legal cases related with Construction Delay Claims, I came across some of the following findings. Off-course, it is a commencement of the use of Data Analytics and visualization in the Construction Claims arena. For this Endeavor, I thank Robert Gordon University for their library access to multiple legal databases across various global jurisdictions in United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Hong Kong.